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MultiPlyer MultiPlyer Pro Asty Risk Eyes&Fingers


In AppStore the new application version MultiPlyer Pro 1.2.2 is unloaded with results string as in MultiPlyer 2.3.2 (look last news from 04.05.15).

Now the total quantity of points designates the cup character. And the current quantity - the asterisk character.


In AppStore the new application version MultiPlyer 2.3.2 is unloaded.

The following changes are made to this version:

  1. The error of cleaning of results when shaking the device is corrected. As a result in memory of application there was information on the previous time that influenced new result.
  2. Time for closing with the user of a window of the error message is excluded from time of thoughts.
  3. The design of a line of results is changed. Now the character became the character of percent of the correct answers. The panel of results in the new version began to look so: .


The new MultiPlyer Pro version with the changed line of results already is on check in Apple.

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