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The idea to write this game belongs to my wife Marina. Therefore we give the floor to her!

Book Your Free Time
Very often ideas of creation of the program are born on the basis of children's memories. I remember how during summer school vacation we with friends for hours executed exercises from the book "Your Free Time" (Authors V. N. Bolkhovitinov, B. I. Koltova, I. K. Lagovsky. "Detskaya Literatura" publishing house, 1970). There was many interesting logical games and tasks in this book!

Shulte's table
Shulte's tables – game fields, the filled in random order numbers from 1 to 20, 50, 100 were one of the most favourite jobs in this book… The task – to find all numbers in ascending order for limited time. This simple, but very fascinating occupation which requires limit concentration of attention: it is necessary not only look for the current number, but also to remember layout of the subsequent numbers.

We can read in Wikipedia: A Schulte table is a grid with randomly distributed numbers or letters used for development of speed reading, peripheral vision, attention and visual perception. Really, later I faced Shulte's tables just on fast reading courses! But also, I learned that with their help pilots train the attention and visual response.

Now there was an idea of the developing game for iOS on the basis of Shulte's tables. The working name of application was ridiculous – "tappy" as the main action – to tap by finger on the screen on each number. When the program was ready, there was other version of the name: Eyes&Fingers as these organs participate in game process.

Many game applications are contained traditionally by some levels of complexity. In this application their three: Easy, Normal, Hard.

Easy Level

Easy Level
At this level the game field most corresponds to classical tables of Shulte. All numbers are figured by a uniform font and uniform black color on a white background. When clicking each following number the cell of the table is colored in brown color that validates the selected number. It very much helps the player as it is possible not to pay to brown cells attention any more, and to look only at the white. By the end of pass of the table all game field becomes brown, and there is a list of ten best results, and in case of record time – the keypad for record of in this list!

Normal Level

Normal Level
Here it is much more interesting! On a bright green field multi-colored numbers of the various sizes and fonts settle down. Such variety is the principal complexity: it is difficult for eyes to switch since one color or the size to another. As well as at the Easy level, correctly clicked numbers are selected in the color – in this case blue, and the game field in the course of game gradually becomes blue…

Hard Level

On appearance this level same, as previous. With one difference: with blue color the current correctly clicked number is selected only, and after clicking of the following number separation of the previous is removed! And it is very difficult as eyes should try to discover permanently the necessary numbers on all field – without help.

Note! On iPad numbers from 1 to 50, and on iPhone – from 1 to 30 are used.
Attention! At all levels incorrectly clicked number is selected in the red color. In case of repeated clicking separation is removed, and it is possible to continue game further.

After a level choice, it is possible to select the option Shuffle, then after each clicking the next number the remained numbers will change the location. The structure of the table thus remains invariable. Agitation of numbers considerably complicates the task and does game by even more hazardous.

Shulte's tables assume search of numbers for limited time. Therefore application is supplied with the timer fixing time of processing of one table. Ten best results remain in a database – having set up a record, it is possible to register in the table of winners! The timer is displayed on the screen by stylish floating numbers. If they distract or irritate, they can be disconnected, but time will be fixed all the same, and the best results will remain in a database.

Also there is a soundtrack: a timer otstukivaniye, clicks in case of a choice of level or options and when clicking numbers during game. As well as the timer, sounds can be switched-off.

And now some technical information from the creator of application

Easy on iPhone 5s Gold
If the player, having been included in the top ten, didn't fill a field with a name and pressed the ОК button, as a name the following format will be used: USER: Current date.

There is a method to interrupt the current game. For this purpose it is necessary to shake your device then there will be a message suggesting to confirm your choice:

Unconventionally the problem of turn of the screen is solved here. Since standard iOS-conversion in case of change of orientation of game leads to loss of orientation by the player, I realized idea of simple turn only of one numbers. Thus, having begun game in landscape situation, you can pass into the portrait mode, without coming off game. One more interesting moment – design of simple level. Look: it is ideally suited for white devices! And especially: the gold!

And still this program is written in a modern language Swift!

© Copyright Andrey Levchik 2015