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About Asty Risk Game

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Game appeared accidental. I learned to write games under iOS. But I noted that in my family often ask me to allow to look at me that at me it turned out, and actually – simply play! Here such appeared Asti Risk!

Game simple: it is necessary to turn aside from the small squares asteroids flying on the ship. But in game there are surprises. I wanted that you found them, but time you read up to this place, means it is possible to share with you them. Game is expected allowing you to distract for a short time from daily affairs, to use the free time in transport, but at the same time at any time to return back to the real world. In game of 5 main levels and 2 bonus. Naturally, each of them is more difficult previous, and to get on following it is possible, having passed the previous. Each level, has the feature and can seem further to you the most attractive.

Asty Risk Rullers

Game Window
On a plot your spaceship accidental got to a field of asteroids. The task of game – to turn aside from the brown small squares asteroids flying on your ship. The spaceship looks very simply: 5 multi-colored small squares connected sequentially. In the middle there is the most important red small square. In case of hit of an asteroid in it there is a final fracture of the ship and game comes to an end. In case of hit of asteroids in other parts of the ship also there is their corrupting, but game proceeds. Even can seem to you that it is necessary to get rid directly of excess small squares of the ship to reduce the area of the ship and to have a great opportunity for maneuvre. But not everything is so simple!
Space Ship

Control as always in iOS simple. Touching the screen at the left, you turn on the left engine, touching on the right – right. I.e. – clicking on the right, the ship will depart to the left! And you as thought?! It everything laws of physics!

On the screen there is a horizontal red band – a laser ray. The ship moves on this ray (but not always). Still you see on the game screen flickering points – stars. But they don't constitute for you danger. They it is too far!

Each small square of which the ship consists, has weight. Naturally, creators of the ship calculated it it was convenient to control it. B ut that from your ship there will be a pathetic bit, they didn't calculate. Therefore value of pulse for one red small square turns out superfluous! Well try to direct such ship!

In the upper part of the screen of game there is information on current situation.

1. Attempt It Level

Everything that it is possible to make is only here to turn aside from the flying asteroids. For each asteroid which flew by boundary of a laser beam, one point is given. When by you 150 asteroids fly by, the following level will be available to you. But it is possible to quit level only having destroyed the ship. But it is possible to check itself in more extremal conditions: the number of the falling asteroids all the time increases: you are skidded by everything more deeply in an asteroid cloud.

Don't hurry to leave the first level! It more allows you to open the "third" eye and to see everything that occurs round you.

2. Flame Attak Level

This level adds to you additional opportunity. Now you won't be the defenseless victim, and you will be capable to be protected. It appears, the flame of engines of your ship, is capable to destroy the asteroids which are flying by nearby now. Moreover: for one destroyed asteroid give the whole 10 points! They, probably, the gold. But problems remained: you will be able to force down asteroids only when they already fly by by. The cost of passing of the second level increased – 300 points. Also it is an occasion to force down asteroids!

3. Blue Missile Level

Now your ship can attack the flying asteroids by special rockets. There is one good news and one bad. Good news is that rockets fly directly towards to asteroids. Bad news that rockets can take off only from a zone of operation of engines. I.e. it is impossible to press simply on a trigger and to be sure that you burn out everything that falls on you on top. There is one more moment – that the rocket took off, the engine shall work. Construction at it such! Therefore in case of a shot the rocket the ship starts moving and difficult to get to an asteroid! Score now here 1000 points. With your skills from the previous levels it is already not so difficult. Especially as the flame attak here too works!

4. Rock Defense Level

You suddenly note that some flying asteroids differ on color. Naturally, curiosity prevails, and you try to force down green asteroids. But that it! Rockets don't take them! It is the end?! And suddenly, not killed green small square softly primagnichivatsya to your ship! Ah this that! Ordinary protection! Green protection, protects your ship from ordinary brown asteroids.
Protection also, as well as ship components behaves. Protection has weight and does your ship more and more sluggish and slow. There is one more very unpleasant surprise – unsuccessful connection of protection can cause violation of balancing of the ship and its failure from a laser beam. In this case it is necessary to add a problem element of protection under a normal asteroid and automatically to return on a native ray. Don't abuse protection. But the correct use of protection will allow to prolong this level nearly indefinitely (probably). Points you need to earn 1200 here.

5. Bomb Salut Level

The strange asteroid – round and red! Too doesn't glork? What was it?! The next surprise from a cloud of asteroids. If to undermine these bombs at a great distance from the ship, they are capable to punch the considerable gaps in a flow of asteroids. You don't receive any points for explosion of the bomb, but the crop of normal asteroids can be big, more than 100 points can even. One more surprise of a red bomb is a result of its collision with the ship. I will tell only that it too can be used! Points it is necessary 1500 here.

6. Pin Connect Bonus Level

It is bonus level. Why the bonus? It is necessary to try. The secret that protection isn't pasted tightly to your ship, and clings to it the mobile hinge. That from this it turns out you will see. Points it is necessary 1600 more here.

7. Night Mare Bonus Level

Points you will gather a little here. Therefore here also there are no restrictions on points! Simply level last… Description of this level the simple: magnetic asteroids. Probably, the jamb of iron asteroids, and at you onboard so many superconducting supermagnets simply went… Here already all your ability won't help any more! Only response and good luck!

© Copyright Andrey Levchik 2015