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The application is intended for check by pupils of knowledge of the multiplication table, and also for all those who wishes to check the own knowledge. You can read my story about the MultiPlyer here.

The application possesses simple and intuitively clear interface. Nevertheless, further you can read the description of some features of the application.

Externally the application looks as the calculator back to front: when it is necessary to type not a question, but the answer!

The interface of the application for iPad and iPhone slightly differ because of the small iPhone screen. But the interface of the application is made so that it was comfortable for use on any device.

Except standard digital buttons, on the screen there are buttons:


In the top part of the screen is the line of results, where is located:

Below a line of results three graphic strips of display of the current results , is a line of messages and a line of the example are placed. After start of the program to start work press the Next button then will appear first casual example. Now press the digital buttons for the answer to it. As soon as you answer an example, in the line of messages there will be information about your answer.

Attention! A wrong the example remains on the screen, and you are offered to answer it once again. For this purpose remove by the Backspace button the wrong digits and try to answer once again correctly.
Attention! On the answer you are given 15 seconds. Time which remained until the end of the answer is displayed in the lower graphic strip. If you don't answer correctly, to you receive the wrong answer!
Attention! Since it is possible to answer one example incorrectly several times, the sum of the correct and wrong answers, as a rule, is more than number of the set examples.

By default the car Auto switch is switched on ; it means that after the correct answer on the screen automatically there will be the following example. It is convenient when fast examination is required. If you aren't able to answer in the Auto mode in 15 seconds, you for continuation need to press the Next button. But it already and not "quickly" .

For training it is recommended to turn off the car Auto mode. In this case on the screen there will be an answered example until until you press the Next button.

Attention! If you press the Next button on not answered example, you receive the wrong answer.

Opportunity to select some numbers of the multiplication table for check is added to the latests version of the application. For example, you studied the multiplication table on 2 and on 3. You don't want to check other examples yet. In order that in a casual order you had only examples on 2 and on 3, at the turned-off Auto mode after the correct answer, press the digital buttons 2 and 3. They will have to become illuminated in the blue color instead of the standard black.

Note! The mode of a choice of numbers of the multiplication table joins every time when pressing the digital button can't be understood as attempt of the answer.

For an exit from the mode of check of separate numbers of the table also press the illuminated buttons of figures so far they won't become standard black color. Your results saved. If you didn't answer an example, it will be shown again at restart of the application. If you use the application rather long time, gradually there comes the moment when values of results practically don't change, and don't reflect the current efforts. The graphic are for this purpose entered strips of display of results of the current session. . The most top strip displays a ratio correct (green color) and wrong (red color) answers.

Note! Just set example is considered not answered therefore if you correctly answered all examples, but now you think over the new – at a strip of ratios of results there will be have some part of a red color. Try!

The midland displays (red) the average time of thoughts on the current session. It is very convenient to compare it to the lower third strip which is already described above – the current time of thoughts.

Note! The current session can be very long. It is closely related with features of work of iOS – since the appendix is completely closed only if there is a shortage of memory or compulsory end of the program. And if you suddenly want to nullify all results, such way too is. Guessed? In the latest version it is simple shake up the device and confirm the own desire.

In the latests version of the application there is one more hidden opportunity. In case of the wrong answers, these examples will repeat more often. If answers are correct, the mistake will be removed from the list, and these examples will begin to appear with a usual frequency.

Note! In the Pro version more difficult algorithm of a correction of mistakes is realized. Except everything described above, in the program there is a possibility of reproduction of a sound at various events. I think, here especially it isn't necessary to stop. You will surely try it. I will notice only that all sounds original – are written down and processed personally by me.

It is necessary to describe algorithm of work with switches Multiply / Divide. Switches Multiply / Divide as it was told above differ in iPad and iPhone. For iPhone there is only one switch Divide. It means that examples on multiplication will be always present at iPhone. Turning on of the switch Divide will add in a random way to the general stream of examples also examples on division.

Note! If in the presence in the current session of mistakes on division to switch-off the switch, Divide wrong examples on division won't appear until the switch Divide is it is included again. At completion of session all list of mistakes for a correction of mistakes is cleared.

In a case to iPad there is more flexible management of a choice of examples on multiplication and division. It is possible to choose only examples on multiplication, only on division or all together in a casual order. The switch Dozen is entered for compatibility with rules of studying of the multiplication table in the English-speaking countries. There the multiplication table comes to an end on 12. In iPhone such switch isn't present. There transition is carried out automatically in case of iOS English choice.

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